Two trip possibilites will be offered during the International Meeting of the Society in Thessaloniki:

Friday 12 August
Walking through the Graeco-Roman and Byzantine Thessaloniki (with a guide)
Galerius Palace - Galerius Arch (Kamara) - Rotonda - Hagia Sophia Basilica - St. John Baptistery - Panagia Chalkeon - Ancient Forum -  St. Demetrius basilica
After lunch those who wish to continue there will be the option of travelling by the Cultural Route Bus and visit  - Latomus monastery - bus tour to the byzantine Upper City of Thessalonica (with the possible bus stop at the Vlatadon Monastery)
Cost: 10 euros (for the morning walk) + 2 euros (for those who wish to continue for the evening part)
More information will be posted soon.

Saturday 13 August
(By bus and with a guide) Vergina tombs and palace - Veroia - Saint Nicolaus park (for lunch) - Pella (museum and archaeological site)
Cost: 30 euros (the price of the lunch is not included)
Minimum number of participants: 50

Participation to either or both excursions will be noted in the registration form.